Meet Sous Chef Matt Moore

Meet Matt Moore – our Wildly Uncommon Sous Chef. You’ll often find him in the Wild Common kitchen, experimenting with new dishes, next to Executive Chef Orlando Pagán. Matt comes from a family of 7 children and loved all things cars and motorcycles growing up. He quickly found his passion for food and cooking when he started working with Easton Porter Group. Keep reading to learn more about Matt and his culinary experience:

First dish you ever made..
The first time I experimented with cooking was grilling cuts of beef with my mom.

Your favorite cookbook..
Aska by Swedish Chef Fredrik Berselius

Favorite jelly bean flavor..
Any of the Starburst jelly beans

Wildest food you’ve ever tried..
Frog legs

Your first job..
Grocery store clerk

Favorite grocery store..
The Veggie Bin

One thing you never put in your grocery cart..

Go-to drink..
Any cheap Mexican beer

Where we’d find you on a night off..
Low Tide Brewery or Fuel

Favorite song to cook to..
My favorite song to cook to is any song that annoys Cheyenne, our Chef de Cuisine.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, it’d be..

Come get to know Matt at Wild Common! Join us at the Chef’s Table or enjoy the Tasting Menu.