Featured Artist: Laureen Vellante

Behind every destination, there is a journey. Artist Laureen Vellante makes it her mission to share that journey through her work and to inspire designers and collectors to curate their personal destination through her family business Destination Haus.

Rogue Wave is currently on view at Wild Common. The photo is projected onto our 20′ x 12′ projector wall and is in the art rotation as part of our Featured Artist series. Vellante’s wave compositions reflect the constant ever-changing life the sea – the power and beauty of the water’s peaceful bounty.

As part of our artist series at Wild Common, we highlight local artists and exhibit their work. The art rotates nightly and we are thrilled to welcome Vellante and Destination Haus to Wild Common (and Charleston!). Her work is available locally at Fritz Porter, and many pieces are featured in the guestrooms at our sister property Zero George Street Hotel. Get to know her in our Q&A below!

Your ideal day in Charleston.
My ideal day is to get up at sunrise and walk the Battery on the water’s edge, and then stroll through the charming historic streets downtown. After a few miles, I treat myself to a latte at One Broad.
I look forward to work at Fritz Porter Design Collective where myself and two daughters opened a winter pop-up. We have a space in the salon where we represent our Hamptons located home decor, gallery business called Destination Haus. I am able to use my creativity in curating as well as build relationships with the amazing staff and clients that come in. After a long day at work, I get to choose from one of the many fantastic restaurants around Charleston. A great meal and a glass of wine completes my day!!

Most recent trip you took and what it inspired
My most recent trip was actually coming to Charleston. I live in CT and Long Island and came to Charleston for the winter months. I love road trips so while in Charleston, I rented a car and traveled the back roads along the coast down to St Augustine, FL. I am a fine art coastal photographer, so I was inspired to photograph the beautiful coastline of South Carolina, Georgia, and the northern part of Florida.

Inspiration for the wave photograph that is on display at Wild Common 
The photographs on display is an inspiration that came about because of the several hurricanes I have been in on the East Coast. I had lost homes because of natures wrath, and photographing the sea in its height of storms and its low of calm became a passion for me. I travel coastlines in all sorts of weather and terrains. I use my camera as a tool to create painterly images of the seascapes. I grew up by the ocean and love that I get to create art with the waves, water, surfers, birds and all else that’s connected to this yin and yang of Mother Earth.

Favorite medium to work in
My favorite medium to work in is photography. My camera is my paintbrush used to create fine art images. I have developed a style whereas my images become painterly seascapes.

Favorite food subject to draw
I don’t draw, but if I had to choose a favorite food to photograph, it would no doubt be fish because it is related to the sea.

Most uncommon thing you’ve ever done
I have traveled up and down the East Coast by myself for my photography. Within my travels I have encountered extraordinary situations whether it be the people I had met, the places where I stayed, or the storms that I encountered. These experiences have allowed me to create a body of work with an uncommon flair.

Wildest food you’ve ever eaten
Street food in Mexico – who knows what I ate!

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
I have pondered this before and there are 2. First, I would be a photojournalist for New York Times. The second would be an Inspirational Speaker relating to college graduates, because I would love to motivate up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the world.

Travel Essentials
Do we have 4 pages?? Haha. My pillow, hair straightener, makeup, more than enough shoes and clothes, computer and charger, night cream, sunblock. I could go on but don’t want to bore you.

View more of Laureen Vellante’s work here.
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