Featured Artist: Leigh Webber

As part of our artist series at Wild Common, we highlight local artists and exhibit their work. The art rotates nightly and we are thrilled to welcome Leigh Webber to Wild Common.

Leigh Webber is an award-winning local photographer. She specializes in underwater, fashion, travel & lifestyle photography. Her underwater photos span the commercial and fine art worlds. You can also find Leigh’s photos in various publications including Garden & Gun, Coastal Living and Charleston Magazine.

Leigh’s artwork, including those inspired by the ocean, are currently on display on our 20’x12′ projector wall. Get to know Leigh in the Q&A below!

Tell us about your inspiration for the work that is on display at Wild Common
For the past couple of years, my work has shifted to fit my mantra, “Dive In.” “Dive In is an invitation to the viewer, and a command. It’s a mantra to remember to take risks, to go deep and get beneath the surface. It is a summons to seek uncertainty, possibility and to find the silver linings in the chaos.”

Favorite medium to work in
Photography, of course! From underwater photos to shooting Polaroids, I love to collect the moments and patterns that make up our lives. 

Favorite thing about Charleston 
Charleston nights during the Spoleto season are absolute magic. There are secret garden parties that happen before and after performances in the most beautiful, lush gardens around town. You never know whom you will run into at these parties!  

Most recent trip you took
One of my most recent flights was a quick trip to NYC. It was the first time I’d ever been there on my own, which prompted me to reach out to people I know while I was there. I hopped around from one meeting to the next. These are the kinds of serendipitous events I live for!

Travel Essentials
My travel essentials are simple: camera, journal, the perfect pen, and plenty of unscheduled time to allow for magic.

Most uncommon thing you’ve ever done 
I survived an airplane crash landing when I was a kid.

Wildest food you’ve ever tried 
I’m a vegetarian, so no exotic meat for me. But I do love trying tropical fruits and veggies and had “snake fruit” in Thailand recently. The name comes from having a scaly skin, but it’s tangy on the inside!

If you could have dinner with one artist in the world, living or dead, who would it be?
I’d love to happen upon Paul Gaugin living in French Polynesia. We would talk of color and moving to an island for the sake of art over a platter of exotic fruit.

Favorite Quote 
What you think,
you become.
what you feel,
you attract.
What you imagine,
you create.
— Buddha

View more of Leigh Webber’s work here.
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Curated by Katherine Leonard, artist and creative director of KL Creative.