Featured Artist: Evan Laettner

As part of our artist series at Wild Common, we highlight local artists and exhibit their work. The art rotates nightly and we are thrilled to welcome Evan Laettner to Wild Common.

As a full-time artist for over two decades, Evan has been blessed to be surrounded by beauty in many forms. His career has afforded him the opportunity to travel around the globe, utilizing landscape imagery as a visual diary, cataloging those journeys.

Shooting weddings and a variety of commercial work is often high energy with a wide range of subjects. However, when it comes to his personal work, whether it be landscape photography, painting, or music, it’s a much more reflective experience.  The Charleston landscape provides the perfect contrast; that inspirational space between the notes.

Get to know Evan in the Q&A below!

Tell us about your inspiration for the work that is on display at Wild Common.

The simplicity of nature. The cycles of life and the changing of the seasons is always inspiring.

What’s your favorite medium to work in and why?

Sound waves. Music has always been my favorite medium. No other art form gives me chills.

What’s the most recent trip you took and what did it inspire?

Kauai. Spending a week in the rainforest is extremely clarifying.

What’s the most uncommon thing you’ve ever done?

I was a runner for Tina Turner and Bruce Springsteen.

If you could have dinner with one artist in the world, living or dead, who would it be? Set the scene and describe the meal and conversation.

Winston Churchill. Some small talk about art but mostly life and politics.

What are your travel essentials?

My lady friend and my camera.

View more of Evan’s work here.

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