Featured Artist: Elizabeth Williams

As part of our artist series at Wild Common, we highlight local artists and exhibit their work. The art rotates nightly and we are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Williams to Wild Common.

Elizabeth Northcut Williams is a fine artist who lives on Johns Island, SC, with her family of five. She has always loved translating ideas into meaningful visual expression. Her work includes everything from portraits, still-life illustration to abstract landscapes and murals. Inspired by beauty and redemption, she is forever grateful to honor the significance of her subjects.

On December 14th, Elizabeth is hosting a Holiday Watercolor Workshop with with KL Creative at Wild Common. Save the date and stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, get to know Elizabeth in the Q&A below!

Tell us about your inspiration for the work that is on display at Wild Common.

When I paint a landscape, I’m always inspired by the enormity and complexity of our environments. I use layers of paint with contrasting colors and patterns so I can capture the mystery of natures essence through abstraction. In contrast, when I paint a single subject, a portrait, a flower, a bottle of wine, I’m motivated by intimacy. I want to approach the details with careful painting and drawing techniques so the piece can reflect the significance of the subject itself.

What’s your favorite medium to work in and why?

Oil paint has to be my favorite… for its richness, versatility, and forgiving nature. But, I need charcoal and watercolor to experiment and work out ideas.

Do you have a specific ritual around starting a new piece of work?

I draw, I do color studies and thumbnail sketches, I experiment, I make mistakes, and THEN I start on the new piece.

What’s the most recent trip you took and what did it inspire?

We went to the glorious NC mountains for Labor Day weekend, which turned into a week-long evacuation from Hurricane Dorian. I forgot my travel art supplies and it drove me crazy to be without them for an entire week. I was inspired to never leave my paints home again!

What’s the most uncommon thing you’ve ever done?

Live and study in an English Manor House. It was like living in Downton Abbey, but with a pub in the basement and friends everywhere.

What’s the wildest food you’ve ever tried?

Rattlesnake cooked over a fire. Smoky and chewy… not my favorite!

View more of Elizabeth’s work here.

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Curated by Katherine Leonard, artist and creative director of KL Creative.