Featured Artist: Lia Burke Libaire

As part of our artist series at Wild Common, we highlight local artists and exhibit their work. The art rotates nightly and we are thrilled to welcome Lia Burke Libaire to Wild Common.

Art and design have been a focal point and passion for Lia Burke Libaire since she was young, so she earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver and then further studied studio and fine art at the New School in New York City. Now living in Downtown Charleston with her family, her paintings are often inspired by elements of nature and the human form, and her art and illustrations have been used for custom stationary, logo design, and public installations.

Lia is also taking over our menu design as her artwork is displayed on the Art Wall. In the meantime, get to know Lia in the Q&A below!

Tell us about your inspiration for the work that is on display at Wild Common. 

I have always loved the cosmos and astrology! This Christmas I took on a lot of commissions that included entire families’ constellations- it only deepened my interest and curiosity for all things cosmic. The ‘Toile’ pieces are part of a series that I’ve been working on for quite a while now; they are being used for a wallpaper design that should be coming out this spring. I love the juxtaposition of taking something more traditional, like toile, and mixing it with more ‘out of the box’ psychedelic elements.

What’s your favorite medium to work in and why?

I like to use pigment liner (ink) as an underlay, and then I paint over it with watercolor or gouache. It’s my favorite because the ink component can be incredibly detailed then the painted element can appear to be looser and more free-flowing- I love how the combination looks for the final product.

Do you have a specific ritual around starting a new piece of work?

Getting started on a new piece can be difficult for me. I’d like to say I listen to music but often times I just need silence and no distractions to get started on something new. I got serious about a daily meditation practice a few months ago and I have noticed a real improvement with my ability to focus and execute.

What’s the most recent trip you took and what did it inspire?

My most inspiring recent trip was last spring, when I went to Mustique, in the British West Indies. Being around such a lush environment always inspires me, the light and colors seem to be different there, all of the new greens and blues… I love painting botanicals- the more tropical, the better!

What’s the wildest food you’ve ever tried?

I love eating and I love food, I really like to try everything at least once. I don’t usually love the super adventurous stuff but I will try it… I have eaten crickets, tongue, brain, amongst many things

What are your travel essentials?

Copious amounts of water! I always travel with a water bottle to try to keep hydrated. I also love ‘Weleda Skin Food’ cream- great for energizing dry skin on the hands or face after a long flight. I always travel with a big printed cashmere scarf- good for long chilly flights and a great layering piece that can help to make me look more polished.

Join us in welcoming Lia’s artwork and book your reservations today!

Curated by Katherine Leonard of KL Creative