Safe Sunrise Mocktail Recipe

New Year, New You! For the start of this fresh, new decade, our Restaurant and Bar Manager, Simon Stilwell, has crafted a mocktail recipe to keep your eye on the prize throughout dry January and into the rest of the year. Warning: its name says “safe” but this mocktail recipe is sure to blow your mind and your tastebuds!

Safe Sunrise
1.5oz Passion Fruit puree
0.5oz Chili Syrup
0.5oz Ginger Syrup
2.5oz Raumland Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine (
0.5oz Hibiscus Infusion

Mix Passion Fruit and Syrups and pour into a champagne flute.  Slowly add Raumland (or club soda, ginger ale, sprite, etc).  When ready to serve float 0.5oz of Hibiscus infusion on top.

Hibiscus Infusion
We make the same way as our overproof tea using dried hibiscus flowers instead of Assam tea.

Come try it for yourself today!