Brooklyn Calling Mocktail Recipe

Hear that? It’s Brooklyn Calling! Well… it’s Wild Common calling you to try our new Brooklyn Calling mocktail for dry January! Originally practiced in the United Kingdom, dry January is a public health campaign encouraging people to abstain from consuming alcohol through the month of January. This practice not only presents significant benefits for the body but it also pushes a healthy start for your mind in the new year! Here at Wild Common, we’ve encouraged this practice through our newly crafted mocktail options, available throughout January. While these drinks might be alcohol-free, our Restaurant and Bar Manager, Simon Stilwell, has crafted these drinks with flavors that are just as dangerously delicious! Named for where Proteau was founded and the hipster nature of non-alcoholic drinks, the Brooklyn Calling is inspired by the classic Manhattan. Try our recipe at home or join us in-house to choose your favorite mocktail special!

Brooklyn Calling

2oz ‘Overproof’ Tea
1oz Proteau ‘Ludlow’
3 Dashes House Zero Proof Bitters (can substitute Angostura bitters)

Assemble like a classic Manhattan, stir with ice, strain into a coupe and garnish with an orange twist and a real maraschino cherry.

Overproof Tea Recipe
28g Smoked Assam Tea (Lapsang Souchong Tea will also work)
1700g of water
13.6g Xanthum Gum

Boil water with tea leaves in tea for 5 minutes.  Let steep overnight. Strain into a blender and turn on high.  Slowly add Xanthum Gum and blend for 2 minutes.  Store in refrigerator. (Basically, you’re making SUPER strong tea, like painful to drink and thickening it some.  You can use other teas/infusions in a similar way)

Pro-Tip from Restaurant Manager Simon: Non-alcoholic drinks usually suffer in two ways – no burn from the alcohol and lack of body.  You can add sugar to get body but it also adds sweetness which isn’t always wanted.  In those cases, we use xanthum to thicken the liquid to impart the mouthfeel we are looking for.

While making the tea is time consuming, your possibilities are vast – Non-alcoholic Brooklyn Sour? Use Overproof tea, lemon, and egg white shake and top with a Ludlow float.  Old fashioned? sub in barrel-aged maple syrup, orange bitters, and overproof tea and more..

Come try it for yourself today!