Eat With Your Eyes

Chef Orlando Pagán puts the art in the culinary arts. Literally. Or perhaps we should more accurately say, figuratively. As Wild Commoners know, his dishes are celebrated as much for their hauntingly sublime flavors and palate-pleasing textures as for their exquisite presentation. It’s all executed with supreme care and thought, and it turns out, with colored pencils.

That’s right. In addition to spatulas and spoons, Chef Orlando uses colored pencils in the kitchen to create his dishes, or at least his own original drawing of how he envisions his plates. Just as Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy and Versace would sketch up their runway designs, so too does Chef Orlando.

It’s all about creating a full sensory dining experience—a celebration of wildly uncommon taste and aroma, of course, but also texture and feel and sight. If it looks too pretty to eat, well, then, take it up with our chef. He’s in the back, doodling and dreaming up dreamy creations. Join us for a feast of the senses!